Running can be done in a lot of ways. It can be done shortly and fast or long and slow, but also running in the trails in the forest contra running on the track on stadium or flat roads.

In Uperform we are working with all kind of running. The ways we are working with the athlete depends on the focus from the athlete and their strength and weaknesses, because all people have weakness their can work with. We are focus on the individual athlete and are not making any standard programs for any of our athletes.

It can be a good idea to analyze the running style, but it is not necessary for all runners. An analyze can help optimizing the technique and make the running more effective. We can help you with the analyzing part and give you personal feedback and advice for what you should work on.

We are making individual program no matter what. If you are a hard-core runner or a totally new runner or triathlete, then we will make a plan to secure you a safe way to increasing your performance depending on your goal.