What we do

Since 2015 Uperform has helped athletes to achieve their ambitions and release their full potential adapting the training to their lives.


Our Mission

Teresa started Uperform Coaching in 2015 after working on coaching for a long time and athletes' quick results meant that Uperform became quickly known.

Uperform's philosophy is to get the training adapted to life and not life adapted to the training. Thus, the coaching creates value and coherence in everyday life while providing the best training results.

How we work

We are guided in our everyday work by four core principles


It’s Personal

We start with a personal conversation over the phone, where we talk about your form, your schedule and get to know each other.


Training on your mobile

Your training will be added to Trainingpeak software, which will be available as an app where you can download all your data continuously.

Access to your coach

There is unlimited access to your coach via messenger, mail and phone and you work closely together to get the best results - communication is the keyword of Uperform.

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Training camps

We will regularly make events and camps for athletes where we form a good community, fun hours and a lot of cool and motivating training.

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