Training for your big dream?

Training for your big dream?

At Uperform Coaching it is important that our athletes have a goal they want to achieve with their training. It can be everything between a specific time on an Ironman to lose some weight. We can help no matter what kind of goal you have for your training.

The reason behind having a goal is that we know it will and can be a motivation factor and driver for your daily training. If you can’t see the meaning with the training, then it can be hard to push yourself and keep up the motivation for the specific training block. So, we are talking a lot with our athletes about their dreams in the sport, because that give us an idea about what drives each athlete. That also give us the opportunity to help the athlete in the best way of setting ambitious and realistic goals.

We have talked with a lot of athletes, who have very high ambitions and goals, but when we look at their historic training schedule, it doesn’t match each other. The most often scenario is that the restitution is underestimated. The athletes are training a lot of hours and they are training with full power in a lot of their training blocks. That is often a mistake, because the body need to relax and have time to build up the body system and be in balance to increase the performance.

At Uperform Coaching we are focusing a lot of patience and we talk with mostly all our athletes about being patient. It is important that the athletes know the value of patience if they want to have a great experience leading up to fulfill their goals. If they aren’t patience then the risk of injuries increase, because we are stressing the body for no reason. It can also be very demotivating if the body doesn’t response like you want or you don’t have enough energy for the specific training because of lack in the energy. That can be very frustrating, so all athletes must be patience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stress the body, because you need to stress the body sometime, but you also need to give the body some time afterwards to build up itself again. It is important for us at Uperform Coaching that the athletes always know why they are doing what they do in the specific training, so we have close dialog with all our athletes. We have the close dialogue to secure that we have the best opportunities to achieve the goals for each of our athletes.

We are often in dialogue with our athletes about their ambitious goals and dreams, but we are aware of that the goal need to be realistic. I some situations we need to start focusing on a small goal on the way to the big goal, which often is the smartest way to achieve the big goal. It’s important for us that the athletes are dedicated and we know the athletes are more dedicated when the goal have been set by them self. We will always do our best to motivate and inspire each single athlete to reach their goal no matter what kind of goal they are setting. In the end it is totally up to the athlete to reach the target to fulfill their dream and their big goal, so it is important that the goal is something that have a meaning for them, so they get the willingness to fight for succeed.

We often meet athletes who have very high ambitious and want to achieve their goals very fast. That is the reason for pointing out patience as a key factor, because we know you are more likely to succeed if you are patient and have a little respect to the goal you want to achieve. We love the high ambitious but it should also be realistic without going on compromise. We can make results on the short term, but it is with a higher risk and it is not the best way to increase the long-term perspective in the sport. We want to make sure that the goals have been set with a meaning for the athlete and not by anyone else around them. Because in the end it will always be up to the athletes about being a success or not. The athlete need to take the responsibility for their goal and be dedicated and willing to fight for it.

We are often working with smaller goals on the way to the big goals for our athletes. It could be in some specific training session or in a monthly test or something similar it depends on the athlete. All the smaller goals should secure some success for the athletes on their way to the big goal, but also indicate the strength and weaknesses on the way for the big goals, so we can adjust focus and the training plans.

If you have a dream or a big goal you want to achieve then remember to be patient. It is all about patience and the right amount of training.

If you are ready to go for the big dream, then let us know. We will always do our best to help you reaching your goal and we have a lot of experience with all kind of athletes.