Core training for triathletes


Strength training (especially for the core) is important for all kind of triathletes. You need to work with your core no matter what level you are as a triathlete. Core training can be scale due to the period and season of your training, but it is an important training for all kind of triathletes.

It is much easier for you to keep the right technique in swimming, biking and running if you have a strong core. In addition, core training helps to reduce the injury risk and at the same time, it is a good supplement to all three disciplines.

Uperform Coaching have made a short training program focusing on the core and body stability. It’s a program you can do everywhere. You should only work with your own bodyweight and then you can make the breaks between each exercise shorter to make it more challenging and to secure a progression in your core training. We recommend to work with the core on a continuously basis. You should implement it on weekly basis, for the optimal effect.

Below you can see a short inspiration video with some relevant exercises. They are easy to implement in the weekly training program and it is important so say, that it is not necessary to do it for long time each time, but 2-3 times a week in 15-20 min can make a huge difference.



You can work with the breaks between each exercise when you getting more experienced. That would make it more challenging and uplift your body to the next level in a slowly and safe way. It is important to start easily so you don’t push the body to much from the start.

And again. Remember it is really helpful to reduce the risk of injuries.