Strenght training for runners  

Strength training for runners have to focus point, building strength at the stabilizing muscles and prevent injuries. Runners and triatletes who have trained for a longer period know the feeling in the end of a long run or competition. The body feels weak and the legs feels heavy. That is one of the reasons for doing strength training as a supplement, so you can be stronger in the end of your run.

In a major perspective there are two different types of strength training. The strength training with focus on the primary muscles and the training for all the stabilizing muscles. In this short view we will focus on the stabilizing muscles, because it can be hard to train these muscles in a traditional run. So we have made a short inspiration-video with some exampels of exercises. The video will introduce you to relevant exercise and they are all easy to do. All the exercises will make you stronger in the stabilizing muscles for running so you will be a stronger runner.

It is also important to do som core training. You can find inspiration in another blog post here on the site.

Strength for runners should be seen as a supplement to traditional run and not as a substitute. There are a lot of benefits by combine streght training with your run, but the frequency of the strength training depends on a lot of factors like ”where are you in your season”, ”your fitness level”, ”do you have any injuries” etc. 

We recommend to have a speciel focus on the strenght training in general in offseason or if you want to start building up the fundamental strenght in your body for running to prevent injuries.