Its race week - ten things to remember

You have used tons of training time to prepare for the big race of the season. So the last preparation should be done in the last week leading up to the race, but it's important to keep the focus and not stress about anything. You should be in control and balance with yourself, which can be very difficult in the days leading up to the big race. We have made some advice for the last week leading up to the race, because we know a lot of people are getting nervous and feeling stress about the race, which is totally normal.



1.   Restitution

Sleep a bit more than normal and keep the legs up and in general relax as much as possible. Take a break and don’t stress.


2.   Massage

It’s good idea to get some massage in race week. It is good for both the body and mind. You can just let your partner or a good friend give you some relaxing massage or you can let a professional do it.


3.   Healthy food

Eat vegetable and make sure that you get the essential carbohydrates and protein. If you eat some meat, then eat chicken, turkey or fish, don’t eat red meat in the days leading up to the race. Don’t drink alcohol.


4.   Equipment

Get the equipment in control in the first days of the week to secure you have time for bad surprises.



Make a clear plan for your nutrition based on your learnings in the training period. Write the plan down so you can be relaxed about having it under control.



Stick to you training plan and don’t train more than the plan. Don’t panic, because you can’t make any physical difference the last week.



Make a clear race plan and go through it a lot of times in the race week, so you know exactly what you will do if you get a puncture, missing some energy etc. That will make it easier not making bad decisions on race day.


8.   TIME

Don’t think about the finisher time, because there are so many outside factors you can’t control. You should focus on the intensity and follow you mind and body as planned.


9.   Transition zones.

Go through transitions zones as part of your raceplan. Look at the transition map and make some points in your head that you can remember to secure the fastest way to your bike/bags and out of the zones.


10. Caffeine

Stay away from caffeine the last couple of days leading up to the race. Take a cup of coffee on race morning to get the full effect of the caffeine. (It can also help to get on the toilet so the stomach is ready for the race)


You have trained so much in a long period and you are ready.

The most important is to enjoy the race and have fun.